Don't talk about T.I.'s family -- or else.

That's exactly what the rapper told TMZ when he was asked about his recent beef with Azealia Banks. The 'No Mediocre' rhymer reveals that talking bad about him in a disagreement is fair game, but it's his wife and kids that should never be mentioned.

"I think we spoke about this earlier in the month, and I think I said the same thing to you," he explains. "No disrespect from no one at no time, no exceptions. Period. You can say what you want about me, but if you say something about my family man I'm going to go at you, and I'm going to be relentless. I'll chew your throat off your neck if I need to, because I have an oath to honor and respect, and maintain the honor and respect and integrity of my family."

T.I. and Banks exchanged heated messages through Twitter and Instagram Tuesday (June 17) after the Harlem, N.Y., rapper dissed his wife and said she had a "meth face." Her comments were in direct response to T.I.'s 'No Mediocre' song, which is about the southern MC only having an interest in the most beautiful women in the world.

Also in the interview, T.I. says he's confused why Banks even started throwing shots at him in the first place.

"Leave me alone," he states. "I didn't wake up nobody and bother nobody. I didn't put nobody's name in my mouth. Just leave me and my family alone."

Today, Banks continues to throw out jabs on Twitter, with the latest being: "You'll be back in jail soon."