Magic Johnson Endorses HIV Home Kit
Nearly 20 years ago when Earvin Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive, the backlash, scrutiny, and most of all, fear where at the front of everyone's mind. Even today, the many stigmas that come along with HIV are those that Magic Johnson wants to educate people on.
Many React Over HIV Baby Rapist And Call For Action
A few days ago, I brought you a story that has gone viral online about a 29 year old man who knowingly is infected with HIV raping a 6 month old baby. Well, since the story has blown up, many have called the Silverton, Ohio authorites and have demanded intense and immediate action. Lenny Love, Jr. c…
HIV+ Father Admits To Raping 6 Month Old Son
According to reports, a 29 year old man named Lenny Love who is HIV positive was arrested in Silverton, OH Saturday for the rape of his six-month-old son back in March. Cops say Love sexually assaulted the infant while knowingly being infected with the HIV virus...