A few days ago, I brought you a story that has gone viral online about a 29 year old man who knowingly is infected with HIV raping a 6 month old baby. Well, since the story has blown up, many have called the Silverton, Ohio authorites and have demanded intense and immediate action. Lenny Love, Jr. confessed to the raping of a six month old baby and is currently only being charged with rape. This news has upset many concerned parents and citizens around the country. Folks are demanding that Love be charged with murder or even attempted murder.  Others are demanding the death penalty. One caller from Mississippi told Silverton Dispatcher Reginald Chatman that he wanted to kill the suspect. People have called from all over the country including Boston, California, Miami, and Ontario, Canada.

"Yes. Ya'll should charge dude with murder. Ya'll should kill his ---. I'll kill him if I ever see him," the caller said.

"I'm disgusted as a parent and as a teacher. These kids come to us. They survive and they're just messed up from the very beginning," said another caller.

"I was just calling to say he should be charged with murder or the death penalty," one woman said.

Dispatcher Chatman explained:

"We can't charge anyone with murder unless someone has been killed, but we're still early in the investigation ma'am, so there could be more charges forth coming."

Chief Plummer says the website's report that the baby is HIV positive has not been confirmed.

"The calls that we're getting, they are very irate about how the police department is handling this. We're handling this the best way that we can. We're working hand in hand with the prosecutor's office to make sure he's charged properly."

"You know what? I know he will get jail time. Give him general population and let them at him," one woman said.

Love is currently being held on a $200,000 bond and the baby is receiving medical treatment. As of now, there is no understood motive on what promted the attack on the baby.

What do you think Love's punishment should be? My question is where is this baby's mother?