Would you stay or would you go? That's the question you ask yourself after watching Sam Smith's new video for 'I'm Not the Only One.'

Set in what looks like the 1950s, Dianna Argon of 'Glee' fame and 'The Mindy Project' star Chris Messina play a husband and wife who seem to have the perfect home, car and life. However, things are not what they seem when it's revealed that he is having an affair with another woman. What makes things even more heartbreaking in the Luke Monaghan-directed video is that Dianna actually knows.

"You say I'm crazy / Cause you don't think I know what you've done / But when you call me baby / I know I'm not the only one," Smith belts as he plays the lounge singer who is performing while Messina is doing shots with the other woman at the bar.

While Chris is having his fun and way with his side-piece, a distraught Dianna drives to a convenience store with a bottle of wine in one hand and a few cans of lighter fluid in the other. With mascara running down her cheeks, we see her set her husband's clothes on fire and on the floor sobbing in the middle of their prestine living room.

Although one would think that she's done and ready to leave, the video ends abruptly with her husband coming back home after his fun romp. He hugs and kisses her on the neck; it's clear she knows what happened. But before we see what she does next, the visual ends.

'I'm Not the Only One' is the latest single off of Smith's debut album, 'In the Lonely Hour.'