Sam Smith and I have something in common!

We both had dreams about R&B Diva Mariah Carey, but his was more recent than mine and Mariah actually responded to his dream (jealous).

According to Billboard, Smith released a new single "How Do You Sleep?" which was released on Friday (July 19th) and in the video he is tossing and turning over a relationship that's in trouble.

So he finally goes to sleep come to find out it was Mariah Carey he was dreaming about.

Sam went to his Twitter and told his fans about the dream which caused him to wake up in a good mood (I bet).

I had the best dream last night.  I was at a Mariah Carey album launch with all my friends and she dedicated, ‘A No No’ to me! Ugh! Dreams!

Well the Diva saw the tweet and responded saying she love the song and couldn't be happier than to be starring in your dreams, dahhling.

Well, I shouldn't feel too bad about Mariah responding to Sam because when I interviewed her years ago I actually told Mariah "I love you" and she said "I love you back!" and I have the audio to prove it.

Take that Sam!

Check out Sam's new video "How Do You Sleep?"