Rihanna followed up the first and second still photos from the ‘Where Have You Been’ video shoot with another lava-hot image. She is being quite generous with photos for the Rihanna Navy to ogle. This one is also black and white shot and features the Bajan singer looking like a primal and primitive nature goddess.

In this new shot, RiRi is offering her famous come hither stare and appears to be cradling something in her bejeweled hands while decked out in necklaces and bracelets wrapped around her neck and wrists, respectively. It’s her new alter ego: Rihanna, Warrior Princess.

The singer also shared a two-minute wardrobe fitting video, which features the clothes and accessories used during the shoot. The accessories are the key part of the vid, since she is draped in them in all of the photos we’ve seen so far.

The stylist says that the vibe of the shoot is “voodoo tribal” and the shots we’ve enjoyed so far certainly reflect that. The male dancers in this behind-the-scenes are cloaked in shredded attire that makes them look like they’re from primitive, natural cultures.

Rihanna is shown thumbing through the racks of clothes, when someone from her team, who is on speaker phone, mentions needing pasties. Ri incredulously says, “Big pasties for tiny boobs? We don’t need any pasties. How about that!” She jokes that he needs pasties.

The scorching hot photos combined with the fun that RiRi is having (and sharing) on set of the ‘Where Have You Been’ video shoot make us uber anxious to see the final product.

Watch Wardrobe Fitting for Rihanna ‘Where Have You Been’ Video