Mariah Carey is back with new music!

After debuting her new ballad “With You” at the American Music Awards, the R&B diva is going full glam in the song’s video that was released Wednesday (October 10).

According to Billboard, the black-and-white clip is essentially a montage of Mariah singing the song while looking gorgeous and posing in a variety of L.A. locations: In a car, on a balcony, in a fancy room wearing a bathrobe, strutting down Hollywood Boulevard in a fur coat, standing in front of a mansion and lying down at the bottom of an elaborate spiral staircase.

Check out the video clip above at the 7:18 mark to refresh your memory.

Also, remember in what’s perhaps a nod to her infamous New Year’s Eve comment “I was told there would be tea,” she very pointedly sips from a tea cup at one point.

"With You" is the second track released from her forthcoming album.