Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old Knoxville, TN man who has fathered 30 kids says he wants a child-support "break." His 30 kids are from 11 different women, and of the 30 kids, 9 of them were born within the last three years! Word on the street is Hatchett has set a local record with his reproduction abilities.  And now, the rolling stone claims he wants a child-support break. No, we just can't make this stuff up ...Apparently, his minimum wage job isn't cutting it, and he's requesting a break from costly child-support payments. Regarding his recent court trouble, assistant court supervisor for the Knoxville County child support, Melissa Gibson said, "Yes, we've got several cases with Mr. Hatchett."

The babies mother's involved are putting it on pretty thick seeking out what's rightfully theirs for the welfare of the children.

Should their be a law against this or do you think that Hatchett should get a break because of his inability to pay?

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