It's gained nearly 300 'Likes' in less than six hours. A new Facebook page encouraging locals to submit pictures of 'ugly' people in Tyler to a Gmail e-mail address, to be uploaded to the Facebook page. The name of this Facebook page, 'Ugly MoFos in Tyler,' features photos of adults, children and is getting many local residents extremely upset.Hateful, embarrassing, harassing and foul are just a few of the descriptive words used by some of the Tylerites on the page. According to sources, many have complained to Facebook security, and some have threatened to do bodily harm to the page's administrator(s).

Putting children on the Facebook page? Is this crossing the line? What is this doing to our society? Has Facebook become a tool used to make individuals feel bad about themselves?

The good news: Someone chose to make a Facebook page to uplift locals in Tyler. The page is asking users to submit photos of beautiful locals to 'Beautiful People of Tyler.' This page has gained several "likes" in the past few hours as well.

So, is their a way to stand up against this sort of 'Cyber-bullying'? Tell us below:

Remember: Positivity and light can only lift us higher as a community. Negativity, hatred, finger-pointing, and bullying will only tear us down and teach our children that this behavior is acceptable.

After all, there are so many other important things going on in our world. Let's take a lesson from this and come together for other more important causes such as education, employment, and community!