Malik Yoba is finally speaking out about the rumors that have been going around that he was fired from "Empire" due to a cocaine habit.

He plays the character Vernon, who was killed during the show's season finale. He says he usually doesn't respond to rumors, but this one got so out of hand that he just had to say something.

"I just find it really interesting the timing of negative press. We did a week of positive press during and following the show finale and then Saturday night this thing comes online, these accusations that clearly state in the article none of it it is confirmed. If you look at the original article it says no sources have been confirmed yet, but that was enough to get people responding to a salacious headline and then re-posting it and re-distributing it without doing any fact checking... I absolutely never had any issues with substance abuse; that's not consistent with what I'm about."

Well, there ya' have it!