Last week on 'Love & Hip Hop,' the episode left off with a fight between Tahiry and Raqi over Joe Budden. It’s clear there are some deeper dysfunctions going on in this whole triangle. On Episode 2, Tahiry arrives at her personal oracle Rashidah to vent on the scuffle.

"Something is not right with Joey," Tahiry concludes. Ya think?

New characters are also introduced in this episode: former radio personality Jen and rapper Consequence, who is touted as “arguably the best ghost rapper in the history of rap” (I didn't know there was a debate on who was the best). These two have been dating for five years and have a son together -- he's about to turn one.

Jen isn’t working and Consequence, who drives a Bentley, claims Jen is trying to overspend his money on their son’s first birthday party. It's stressing him out and might affect his precious health. “I really gotta watch it 'cause I'm African American and I'll get high blood pressure,” he says.

Winter Ramos resurfaces and reveals to Jen she’s writing a juicy tell-all book about her dating and "sexcapades" in hip-hop. She puts in her plug and disappears for the rest of the show. Smart girl.

While Joe is doing soundcheck for a show at New York City's S.O.B.s, Raqi wants to nag him about why she was kicked out of his birthday function. Joe makes it clear Tahiry comes before Raqi. “If I die tomorrow, Tahiry is the closest thing I've ever had as a wife to me," Joe explains.

We then meet Lore'l, who claims to be “the best rapper in the whole entire world” and is trying to collaborate with Erica. They both agree but Erica has to run things by Rich, who doesn't like the idea.

And guess who else is now working on music? Tahiry! She schedules her own meeting with Rich asking him to set her up with a lawyer so she can work out some deals. Why do these women keep going to him for business? Of course Rich is giving her the lusty eye and it makes me wonder whether another seed is planted that can potentially blow up in his face down the line.

Back at the ranch, Joe is talking to mommy dearest and admits to her he had a relapse after being clean from drugs for 14 years. Tears start pouring down his face. She gives him some golden advice: “You have to let people know who you are.” Joe hasn’t been real with the people around him, so now he’s going back down the wrong path.

We also learn more about Joe’s girlfriend Kaylin. As far as his drug addiction, she says she is able to “handle it” because her dad was an addict. “I feel like I'm here for a purpose and that's to help you," Kaylin states. She meets with Raqi later and admits she has no family, so she needs Raqi to stick around. Raqi is now getting sucked back into Joe's life.

Of course the last scene ends with a fight blown out of proportion. Erica and Lore'l are at an event and Tahiry comes over and hugs Rich. Erica gets jealous of the friendship she didn't know they had. Strike one. Then Lore'l instigates and begins telling Erica that she shouldn’t let Rich stop their collaboration. Strike two. Erica’s ready to go. They leave the lounge and outside she begins arguing with Rich.

Lore'l is still running her mouth and says something about "she hope she doesn’t kick anybody in the head like she did her baby daddy on WorldStarHipHop." This officially sounds the alarm. Erica is about to hit Lore’l and each of their respective crews hold them back. Erica walks off, hops in a cab and the night ends.

Until next time.