After a meltdown on the last episode, Traci tries to mend things with DrewBabey. They broke up seven years ago, but she’s still hurt. “I still haven’t met anyone yet that I can love,” Traci explains while crying.

Meanwhile, Mimi is out to dinner with her new friend Nikko. “I got some baggage,” Mimi admits. He seems willing to work through it though. But he’s a producer as well like Stevie J, so she doesn’t trust him all the way yet. Nikko comes to meet Mimi’s friends one night to get their approval. “I just want to make sure this is not no Stevie repeat,” K. Michelle tells Nikko.

Erica doesn’t want anything to do with Lil Scrappy anymore. She calls their relationship "null and void” after going through his cell phone and seeing text messages pop up that she felt were inappropriate. She’s no longer rocking the ring.

K. Michelle talks her crazy sex theories while having some girl time over manicures with Mimi. “You pour salt around the bed to keep the sex demons away," K states. "And you clean the house with ammonia before the sun rise. That makes him stay with you.” It’s clear she says this stuff for shock value.

Joseline is till trying to convince Stevie J to do better. “You gotta be a man and love me like you supposed to love me,” she says. But he's not going to girl!

Kirk wants Rasheeda to do a diss record to make some extra money for his brother who recently had a heart transplant. But Rasheedah would rather open a store front for her online store. Kirk isn't with it. Their relationship is going through a struggle. In the midst of all this, she finds out that she's pregnant.

Towards the end of the show, Benzino confronts Karlie Redd, who claims Benzino showed her Joseline's porn tape. “We never seen no tape,” Benzino says. “Nasty ass motherf---er,” she calls him. Benzino denies and denies it. Later, Karlie Redd tries to stir up further trouble and brings the drama back to Joseline and Stevie J. The show's security had to hold everyone back from fighting each other.

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