In a few days on March 14, it'll be four years since Love & Hip Hop first aired on VH1. Fans have loved the show for its reality and drama-filled story lines. Some have even accused the show's creators -- like Mona Scott-Young -- of promoting a script rather than real deal occurrences during all of the seasons, including Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Now those beliefs have been confirmed by cast member Joseline Hernandez, who starred on the Atlanta season. According to TMZ, she admits that she plays a character on the show, rather than staying true to herself. She even exposes other women on the show.

Hernandez was testifying at a hearing disposition because she is being sued by former cast mate Althea Eaton for allegedly beating her up during a reunion show. "With reality TV, it's called reality, but it's a lot of acting," she explained. "And I say that because a lot of the girls that are on the show, they act. And so there's a lot of acting in the reality TV show, whether its Love & Hip Hop or another show."

The rapper and former exotic dancer also said that she plays a character, even though there are small parts of herself being shown. "The reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are not," Hernandez said. "I say that because you never no what happens in reality TV. They'll showcase your music, they'll showcase different things but that's not who Joseline Hernandez is."

Will the reality star's confession hurt the Love & Hip Hop franchise? We highly doubt it.

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