Everyone knows the reunion is the best part of any reality show, but when it comes to 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' that's when things are just getting started. Last night (Aug. 25), VH1 aired the first of a three-part reunion series that surprisingly went without any fists thrown -- at least for the first 56 minutes.

The 60-minute rehash of what seemed like a never-ending season kicked off with behind-the-scenes takes of the cast showing up to a day filled with confrontation and guaranteed, unwarranted drama. Before official taping even started, please note that Stevie J went to visit Joseline in her dressing room and next thing viewers see is the Puerto Rican Princess shoving her tongue down Mr. Jordan's throat.

Moving right along, to switch things up from the usual Mimi-must-go-first formula, Scrappy, Bambi, Erica Pinkett, Baby Mama Erica and Mama Dee take the stage to attempt to air out their family troubles. New reunion host, Sommore, quickly heats things up by running footage of Scrappy and Erica Pinkett's late-night escapades.

With palms clearly sweating, the handy camera man splits the screen between Atlanta's self-proclaimed player and his past foes. And it doesn't take long before the Bam, as Mama Dee has officially named her, and Erica P. go for an all-out verbal brawl.
"Why do I make you both so angry? You couldn't get it, and now you're mad, baby," EP screams across the stage as she tries to convince herself -- and the audience -- that she's not a bird but a "real woman." We all know Bam immediately finds a way to shut that down. "You're an aspiring sidechick," and the heads nod in living rooms across the country.

Unfortunately, as Bambi tries to put Erica Pinkett in her place, Scrap still can't find a way to let the world know that he's in love with her. Scrappy's response, instead of answering Sommore's question about his feelings for his Compton-bred cutie, "Sometimes I don't think I'm a good dude, and I should just be alone." Most people would think, "Well, damn," but The Bam isn't even concerned. In fact, she basically let viewers know that dating Scrappy is just a fad. "We have great times together, but I ain't tryin' to marry this n----." At least we know Bambi still knows how to keep things real.

Meanwhile, as Erica P and Bambi go back and forth about a girl trying to sleep with a man that's taken, Bam "accidentally" takes a shot at Baby Mama Erica saying, "I guess you can't be a sidechick when you're a baby mama," and then everything gets out of control. Erica Dixon puts the educated video vixen in check by asking, "Wait a minute, Bambi. Weren't you sleeping with Scrappy while we were still engaged? So you should know how this feels." And then she drops the bomb: a receipt from Le Meridien Hotel from the last time she and Scrap got it poppin' -- five days ago.

Did you ever think Scrappy would have three women arguing over who was sleeping with him at the same damn time? We didn't either.

Of course, when it comes to Erica D., Scrappy denies everything, so Baby Mama tells him to take a lie detector test. Then VH1 conveniently moves on to the upcoming topic before cutting to commercial. But here's what people don't see: Scrappy takes off his mic and tells Mona Scott-Young he's done filming. Mona basically says, "So you can't handle three women saying they slept with you at the same time?" Trying to convince the reality show producer that he's mad because Erica D. and Erica P. are on stage lying, Mona finally gets Scrappy to cave and take a lie detector test. The results: negative, of course.

If viewers thought the Hollyhood love triangle would be a show highlight, they're rudely mistaken. Before Joseline, Stevie J and Benzino force cameras to cut and break for Part II, Sommore puts Yung Joc and Karlie Redd in the hot seat. Everyone knows their reunion wouldn't be fun without adding Joc's Teletubbie into the mix, the chick he now claims as his "woman."

Beyond the cheating and public scenes, Yung Joc says the real reason he had to end it with Karlie was because she was abusive. Still bothered by what went down, Joc acts out the night Redd fractured his finger over pictures and text messages she found in his phone. Karlie only has to say one thing, "Yup, I did it." Joc has the live audience, and surely at-home viewers, cracking up with his depiction of Karlie's Hulk-like abilities, but one thing we have to ask, Joc: aren't you still officially married?

Ending Joc and Karlie's special moment, captions appear across the screen stating that tensions between Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea grew to such heights throughout the show. Next thing fans know, Joseline and Stevie J are standing up throwing hooks and jabs at their rival couple. In true VH1 fashion, the cameras cut out and viewers need to tune in for Part II. Get ready for more drama next week.