Kelly Rowland playfully mocked her British ‘X Factor‘ co-star Simon Cowell on ‘Chelsea Lately’ Tuesday night with her impression of the outspoken reality show judge.

After a discussion of British accents, the subject turned to Cowell, Rowland’s boss and fellow judge on the U.K. version of the singing competition show. Rowland joked, “I think he actually likes the feeling of talking like thaaat. Slowing everything dowwwn and being Simon Cowell.”

“I love him,” Rowland added, before bursting into laughter as Chelsea responded, “Well, I guess you have to say that.” Rowland has been rumored as a possible judge on the next season of the American ‘X Factor,’ though it seems that Katy Perry might now be the leading contender.

Rowland appeared on ‘Chelsea’ to chat about her new ‘Sexy Abs’ workout DVD and her nomination at this weekend’s Grammy Awards, where ‘Motivation’ is a contender for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. She revealed that getting Lil Wayne on the track actually wasn’t that hard:

“I saw him at a Heat game and I told him I had a song. I went to the studio, played him the song and he got on it. Sometimes artists will be a little bit difficult when it comes to getting on songs. You go through that Hollywood stuff — I don’t like that. But he just did it.”

Kelly also said that she’s able to stay in such amazing shape by keeping the junk food to a minimum, even though she has cravings like anybody else. “I love sweets, I love cookies, I love cakes, I love pies, I love sugar, I love candy, I love anything that has sugar in it. So I had to cut all of that off. I cut it off, which, I swear I was like a crazy person. And mean as hell! But I did it and I got those results.”

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