There must be a lot of perks to having celeb status when planning an extravagant wedding! Kanye West knows this firsthand, after hiring Lana Del Rey to perform at his upcoming wedding with Kim Kardashian.

Kanye tried and failed once before to get the ‘Summertime Sadness’ star to help him woo Kim, whose favorite song is the singer’s hit ‘Young and Beautiful.’ Lana turned down the offer to perform the song at the big production the rapper put on at San Francisco’s AT&T Stadium to propose to his then-girlfriend.

Apparently Lana had a change of heart, as she’s accepted Kanye’s follow-up offer for her to perform at his wedding. According to the Mirror, the change of heart was purchased at a very hefty price tag.

The 27-year-old pop singer will be flown into Paris (or maybe Florence?) for the extravagant wedding, reportedly for a six-figure sum, though nothing has been confirmed. A source shared, “Kanye knew how much Kim loved Lana’s music, which is why he tried to get her to perform at the proposal. So he upped the offer to perform at the wedding and told Lana that it’s his and Kim’s special song and it would mean so much to have her perform it. She couldn’t say no.”

If Kanye went through so much trouble just for one song, we can’t even imagine what the rest of the wedding is going to be like!