There's a week before Mariah Carey officially releases her new album, 'Me. I Am Mariah....The Elusive Chanteuse,' but that doesn't mean you have to wait that long before immersing yourself into the diva's 14th studio effort.

Fans can stream the album,  consisting of 15 tracks and three bonus tracks on the deluxe edition, courtesy of iTunes.

Guests on the anticipated LP include Wale, Miguel, Nas and Fabolous. The deluxe edition features Mary J. Blige and R. Kelly on songs 'It's a Wrap' and 'Betch Gon' Know' respectively.

While she was still crafting the album, the self-proclaimed butterfly said it was important to not only have commercial hits, but to give fans a variety of quality tunes as well. Plus, she wanted to keep the soulfulness of each record intact, even though some of the songs are pop.

"It's about making sure I have tons of good music, because at the end of the day that's the most important thing" she said back in 2013. "Wherever we go with this project, I've tried to keep the soul and heart in it."

On the 'Late Show with David Letterman' earlier this month, the mother of two said she didn't want to rush the new album, allowing her supporters to experience the project as a whole and not just a separate collection of singles. But her record label wanted the exact opposite.

"[The label would say] 'So what's the single and when are we putting it up on iTunes?'" explained Carey. "I'm like, 'I know this is the typical way of doing things. I'm trying to do something my own way.'"

Stream 'Me. I Am Mariah....The Elusive Chanteuse' below.

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Mariah Carey's ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ Tracklist

1. ‘Cry’
2. ‘Faded’
3. ‘Dedicated’ Feat. Nas
4. ‘#Beautiful’ Feat. Miguel
5. ‘Thirsty’
6. ‘Make It Look Good’
7. ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’
8. ‘You Don’t Know What To Do’ Feat. Wale
9. ‘Supernatural’ (With Special Guest Stars “Dembabies” a.k.a. Ms. Monroe & Mr. Moroccan Scott Cannon a.k.a. Roc ‘N Roe)
10. ‘Meteorite’
11. ‘Camouflage’
12. ‘Money ($ * / …)’ Feat. Fabolous
13. ‘One More Try’
14. ‘Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)
15. ‘It’s a Wrap’ Feat. Mary J. Blige

Deluxe Edition

16. ‘Betcha Gon’ Know’ Feat. R. Kelly
17. ‘The Art of Letting Go’
18. ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’