"You can throw that out the window!" 39 year old Jill Scott says she's ready to date again, and wants the "right kind of love". After a very public split from her ex, R&B singer and poet Jill Scott had at one time vowed a period of celibacy. Not any longer! After shedding 63 pounds and two brand new albums due out this summer, the singer claims she is ready to play the field again, but won't engage in any physical intimacy until after the fifth date. When US Weekly asked Jill why the reason for her recent weight loss, Jill said:

Health. It was the major impetus for me getting up off of my ass. I would notice when I would get to like number nine on a staircase, I'd be out of breath. And I was like I'm too young for this crap. I want to be able to jog up my stairs, especially with the little one, who's now a toddler. I get to run after him and I'm enjoying that. So we'll go swimming, take walks, I'll ride him on the back of my bike -- there's a whole world of discovery in his eyes and I just want to be there for it to enjoy it. People are noticing, and that's great, I appreciate it. In order to grow emotionally and mentally, sometimes you have to grow physically as well. I'm just trying to grow, man, and always I just want to be the best and most confident me I can be. And now I’m someone's role model for real. I just want to be a fun mom.

Congratulations to Jill Scott for being just an all around beautiful woman!

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