Hey ladies, if you want to travel the world in style, and be wined and dined 30,000 feet above the air, Jeremih may have a ticket for you.

On his new song 'Planes,' which features J. Cole, the Chicago crooner sings about balling above the clouds, but he also uses the term "plane" to talk about his sexual prowess.

"I got you in the air, your body in the air, how it feel up here? / You can scream as loud as you want, and loud as you can, ain't nobody gonna hear / Would you like it better if I hit the West Coast? / Tell me, if you 'bout that life right now I hope it ain't talk," he sings, using an inventive rap style delivery.

Hollywood Cole goes in on the track as well and spits some X-rated lyrics, which might shock some of his fans.

"D--- so big it's like a foot is in your mouth / And you ain't babysitting, but my kids all on your couch / And oh, you nasty, oh, oh, you nasty / Both graduated so f--- keeping it classy," he raps, before launching into the rest of the verse, which is more reminiscent of his highly lyrical stuff.

As for Jeremih, the 'Don't Tell Em' singer still dealing with delays for his next project, 'Late Nights: The Album.' There are rumors circulating that tensions between him and his record label, Def Jam, is the cause of the hold up.

Either way, he released a dope song that will hopefully do well for him, and hopefully, will convince his label to finally release his project.

Listen To Jeremih's Song 'Planes' Feat. J. Cole

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