This is a huge weekend for Angela Bassett and Lifetime"Whitney" will premiere at 7 p.m. Saturday (Jan. 17) on Lifetime, and I got a leaked scene from the movie to share with you.

Now you know that Whitney's family was not happy at all about the production of this film, because they felt it should have been done on a bigger platform. Angela feels that she got a major sign from Whitney to go ahead and get this out there. She says:

"I'm driving off the exit, and her song immediately comes on. It comes on every day on the radio, but it comes on at the exit."

She thought about what this all means and went on to reveal that  as the traffic slowed a large bus passed her with "WH" printed in purple on it. Purple being Whitney's favorite color, she felt this was Whitney's way of giving her, her blessing on the project.

Tomorrow night, 7pm Lifetime will premier the movie.