People ask all the time, "Are those real people that write in for the Strawberry Letter?"

Well, they are and here is one for you to read and comment on yourself. This lady had the worst date ever. She finally gets to go on a date with the man of her dreams and then ... well just read the letter for yourself.

Dear Steve,

I have been crushing on my co-worker for three years now. Finally he asked me out for dinner and a movie. I was so excited. Finally I was going to get my chance with him. I got my hair done and put on my little black dress. I was on fire and I wanted him to put it out. He picks me up for dinner and we’re having a fabulous time up until I get the bubble guts. I’m lactose intolerant and I ate ice cream. I tried to hold my composure. He asked if we could skip the movie and go to his place and talk and drink wine. I said sure. We make it to his place and no sooner than we walk through the door we are tearing off each others clothes. I was so excited this is what I’ve been wanting. Then all of a sudden it happens. When I mount the horse, I get explosive diarrhea all over him. Steve I was mortified. He threw me on the floor and just walked out the apartment. I showered and left. I don’t know what to do or say. Should I call him? He’s avoiding me at work. Is there anyway to come back from this minor setback?

So what do you think she should do? What advice would you give bubble guts. Leave your comments below. If you would like to send Shirley you letter for advice, click here.