I think I am the only one who hasn’t done the Drake “In My Feeling’s” challenge.

The dance challenge that has gone viral has thousands of fans jumping out of moving cars to show off their moves on video, but also dangerous if not paying attention.

According to USA Today, Christopher T. O’Neil, National Transportation Safety Board’s Chief of Media Relations advises drivers to use common sense and not jump out of moving vehicles.

The dance floor is the right place for dance moves, not our nation’s roads and highways.” “In 2016, more than 37,000 people were killed on our nation’s roads and 10 percent of those were related to distracted driving.

The safety Board also sent out a tweet urging drivers not to do the #InMyFeelingsChallenge

The comedian known as Shiggy started the trend when he posted a video in June and since then everybody including Will Smith has been doing the challenge where he climbed on top of a bridge in Budapest, Hungray to do the dance.  He later called the stunt “social media stupidity”

So, let's recap everybody!  Jumping out of moving cars doing the #KeKeChallenge is dumb and you could actually get hurt.  Use your common sense and save yourself the embarrassment!

In other words buckle up KeKe!