Drake has dropped the music video for his new song “In My Feelings,” which went viral this month thanks to a dance challenge on social media!

According to Vibe, the 8 minute video starts of with Drake arriving at the home of Kiki, who is played by none other than La La Anthony.  He attempts to throw a rock at her window to confess his love for her only to be inturrupted by America's favorite mom Phylicia Rashad and tells him to leave in classic 'hood mom' fashion.

Lucky for Drake at the end of the song he wakes up from a dream and tell his friend the he had a dream in which he made a song about some girl and a kid did a dance to it and then the world did the dance and Will Smith was there.

He then finds out he's on a movie set and the kid from his dream is the PA on the set.

"In My Feelings" is a single released off Drake's latest album, Scorpion in stores now.

Check out the video below!