Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Roy Williams picked a rather unique way to propose to his girlfriend, Brooke Daniels, who held the title of Miss Texas in 2009.

In February, he sent Daniels a package that included $5,000, a videotaped messages of him popping the question, and a $76,000 engagement ring.

Daniels obviously didn't find Williams impersonal request to be his life-partner appealing because she declined the offer, and the two are no longer together.

When Williams asked Daniels for the ring back, she said it had been lost. A subsequent insurance investigation uncovered that the ring was actually in the possession of Daniels' father.

Now, Williams is suing the Daniels' for return of the ring.

Texas law states that an "engagement ring be returned to the donor upon termination of the engagement, if the donee is at fault in terminating the engagement. If the donor is at fault, the ring doesn’t have to be returned."

So, if this case ever makes it to court, it will probably hinge on whether an awful proposal technique constitutes being "at fault" for a failed engagement.

Check out a video of Daniels being crowned Miss Texas, below.

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