A Texas father got a very special gift from his son on Father’s Day which is the gift of life!  66-year-old Chris Curry has made a lifestyle change due to this son Kevin and his cooking.

WFAA report, when it comes to food Chris is like Mikey “He eats everything!”  Soul food is his dish of choice, but once his weight got over 250 he knew he had to make some changes in his diet.

I hit 252. That's the heaviest I've ever been.  was so hot inside. Inflamed inside, always inflamed inside.

That’s when his son Kevin decided to help his dad make healthier food decision and convinced him to go vegan.  He is the founder of Fit Men Cook in which he shares recipes with over 1 million Instagram followers.

I feel like I'm helping everybody else, but I can't help my own parents.

Kevin knew the task wasn’t going to be easy changing his father’s eating habits after 50 years, but after time and consideration on October 15, 2017 Chris decided to go vegan.

Going vegan paid off for Chris as he lost 50 pounds and Kevin shared his dad's story on Instagram with his followers.

I never thought about the fact that I can teach my parents something because I'm always learning from them.

I must admit the photos on Instagram look very delicious and I would seriously consider trying them out if it worked for Chris.

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