We know who Britney Spears might be voting for in the upcoming presidential election, if her tweet to current leader of the free world Barack Obama is any indication.

Brit tweeted at the commander in chief, in Bieber-speak, to boot.

She posted: "@BarackObama You have swagg! : )" and then linked to a video mashup of a debate between Barry O. and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, spliced with clips from the rest of the new-look 'X Factor' judges panel as they dealt with outrageous contestants.

Look at Brit engaging in some shameless self-promotion right there. We don't blame her one bit, either.

Oh the digital age. So creative!

See Brit gasp, "Is he serious?" after Romney makes comments and the jaw of Simon Cowell drops at the same time is hilarious. So clever. We love seeing their "reaction" to debate issues in this hysterical clip.

Perhaps this will inspire Obama to tune into 'X Factor' and help boost the sagging ratings. Despite being renewed for Season 3, the show is getting its butt kicked by 'The Voice' on a regular basis, which is certainly sticking in Cowell's craw. It's a shame, since Brit brings a renewed energy and years of know-how to the panel. Maybe things will pick up the pace when the live shows start.

Watch the 'X Factor' + Presidential Debate Mashup