Since Monday when Early Voting for the November 6th election began, Smith County has recorded more than 96 hundred votes cast.

The heavy turnout in Smith County is trending with the state numbers setting records in some places.

The Texas secretary of state's office reported Tuesday that more than 378,000 people cast early ballots in the state's 15 most populous counties on Monday, either by mail or in person. That's about 4.6 percent of the registered voters in those counties.

Tyler and Smith County Precinct 2 voters are also deciding on an alcohol proposition that calls for the “legal sale of beer and wine for off- premise consumption only “and the” legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only”

If you’re not sure where to cast your early vote, visit the Smith County webpage at

Early voting lasts until Nov. 2. Officials expect more than half of Texans will cast their ballots before Election Day on Nov. 6.