You know her as the Baby J Midday Show host on Hot 107.3 Jamz, but there is alot more to that voice you hear everyday from 9am to 2pm. Baby J, or Jocqulyn, is a brand new mommy! She and her husband had their first child, Jaylyn, on July 22nd. Check out Baby J's thoughts on being a new mom for the first time as she open up in this candid interview after the jump!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: Okay, first of all, you are a new mommy and a GROWN woman... Why do you still call yourself Baby J?

Baby J: {Rolls eyes} It is a name that is now a brand. I can't escape it in East Texas. That's what everyone knows me as, and it is what it is. I've been in radio over 10 years now and the name Baby J, was given to me when I first started in the business at 20 years old.

Hot 107.3 Jamz: Baby J with a new baby! Andshe's absolutely beautiful! How did you react when you first found out that you were expecting? {Laughs} Why are you fidgety?

Baby J: Um, this is weird for me, since I'm usually the one asking the questions. I'm not used to being interviewed. Last year around Thanksgiving when James & I were having dinner at our home. My parents, and immediate family were all over and I cooked and afterwards I was exhausted! I couldn't keep my eyes open! Then the next day we went to Dallas to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jame's family, and I kept falling asleep on their couch which is so not like me! I knew something was up! On our way back to Tyler, we stopped and got a pregnancy test, and it had to thin pink lines. It was like, o-m-g! We're preggo!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: How did your husband react?

Baby J: He's so funny. He was in denial. He figured that since the lines were light pink, that it wasn't accurate. He said he didn't want to get all excited for nothing. He actually was in denial all the way to the doctor's office!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: Did you want to know what you were having, or did you want to be surprised?

Baby J: Oh man, I couldn't wait! I wanted a boy so badly. Our families came to the "finding out" appointment when I was about 22 weeks, and we found out it was a girl! I squealed! My husband said that he was going to register for a gun now! {Laughing}

Hot 107.3 Jamz: So Jaylyn's soon to be 4 months old. Is she sleeping thru the night now?

Baby J: Yes! She is such a good baby. She started sleeping through the night at about 2 and a half months.

Hot 107.3 Jamz: Are you enjoying being a mommy? What is your favorite thing about mommy-hood?

Baby J: I LOVE being a mommy! Jaylyn is so much fun now, watching her grow and get stronger. I'm enjoying everything from baths to cuddles. It's crazy, cause every time I'm at the store and I see something for little girls, I have to buy it! I've started leaving my debit card at home!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: You look fantastic! Was it had for you to lose the baby weight? How did you do it?

Baby J: It's weird because after I delivered, I got really sick with something called Preeclampsia. It never showed up during my pregnancy, but it came with a vengeance after the delivery. I was so swollen, my doctor made me go on leave a week earlier than scheduled and I was induced. I lost the 30 lbs. I gained with Jaylyn, plus about 12 more from being so nauseated. I had really high blood pressure like 220/192, and I almost had a stroke. Luckily, my husband made took me to the ER in time. {wipes eyes} It's still hard to talk about. The thought of my daughter being here without her mom scares me to death. I spent more time in the hospital after her birth, than I did while giving birth. But, God is good, and I'm here.

Hot 107.3 Jamz: We are so glad you are healthy now. {Pauses}So you turned 30 years old in May. Do you and your husband plan on having more kids in the future?

Baby J: Absolutely! I'd love to have a baby boy! I come from a big family, and I want Jaylyn to have someone to play with and grow up with.

Hot 107.3 Jamz: What was the biggest adjustment that you had to make after Jaylyn was born?

Baby J: Having to get used to a little person needing you so much is new for me. This beautiful blessing that we have now need us, and I'm getting used to that. For a long time, it was just me that depended on me, ya know? It's a whole new world of responsibility, and we LOVE it!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: What advice would you give to your listeners who are pregnant, or first time mommies?

Baby J: My advice is to let people help you. If you have a mate, let them help you! Don't try to be superwoman. It's pointless. Oh, and also... don't stare at your imperfections on your body from giving birth. It will drive you crazy! Stay hydrated, and try to get in some exercise everyday. Loading laundry, tighten that core, when putting dishes in the dishwasher, tighten your legs, and booty... It works! I also want men to realize that pregnancy is not easy. Women become emotional wrecks, and something is ALWAYS uncomfortable! Try to understand.

Hot 107.3 Jamz: So what's next for your family?

Baby J: I'm such a ham. I entered Jaylyn into a contest to cover American Baby Magazine! It's a readers choice-type voting process, so she {Jaylyn} has moved from #673 to #106! So, I need your votes! {Laughing} She probably won't win since there are thousands of entries, but it will be fun to tell her about it when she's older!

Hot 107.3 Jamz: Well she's got our vote! Thanks for letting us interview you!

Baby J: {Smiles} You're welcome! Now I gotta get back to work!