There have always been those events where we'll forever where we were when they happened. I'll always remember I was on my way to school when I first heard about 9/11. My mother told me about being in class when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. And I'll always remember being at work in Oklahoma City three years ago today when we all heard someone across the room yell, "Michael Jackson died!"

I remember one of my best friends coming over when we were kids to watch Michael Jackson's "Bad" on VHS. I remember the first time I saw the video for "Thriller."

There was obviously a lot that happened late in Michael Jackson's life that tainted some people's opinions on the pop star, but there's still no doubting the King of Pop was and will always be that -- The King of Pop.

So, as we reflect on the life of The King, let's celebrate with five of my favorite Michael Jackson songs:

5. 'Man in the Mirror'

A great moment of self-reflection in the life of Michael Jackson. It's a song that to this day inspires you to take a look at yourself before asking others to change.


4. 'Smooth Criminal'

In my opinion, one of Michael Jackson's best "beat" songs. If this song doesn't get you jacked up, something's wrong with you!


3. 'Beat It'

This song is one that I think best shows Michael's personality -- full of fun and adventure. That's a good way to remember him. Also, his best video outside of Thriller.


2. 'Billie Jean'

Even despite all the controversy surrounding the song about one of Michael's supposed lovers, it might be his most iconic.


1. 'Thriller'

From the incredible opening to the song, the best chorus of them all -- and, of course, the greatest music video of all-time. That's the making of perhaps the No. 1 song of the '80s generation.