The murder trial of Michael Jackson has begun, and the physician Dr. Conrad Murray is going to have to make his case.

He is accused of killing the pop superstar by administering the drug Proprofol - a drug used as an anesthesia.

He is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Tuesday, opening statements were made from both sides of the case against the doctor. Full testimonies began later Tuesday.

Michael Jackson's family were in attendance including Janet, mother Katherine, LaToya as well as his brothers, Jermaine, Tito and Randy.

Dr. Murray has plead "not guilty" and indicated that he did not give any drug to Michael that would have killed him.

The story is so sad and we hope the truth comes out and justice is served for Michael. RIP.

Listen Now: Audio of a drugged up Michael before his death


Dr. Conrad Murray wipes his eyes after seeing graphic death images of Michael.

Dr. Murray is accused of murdering King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Do you think Dr. Conrad Murray intended to kill Michael Jackson? Do you think it was an accident? Should the doctor be on trial for Michael's death?