We've all done it. We're all guilty at times of some of the most annoying posts on Facebook. So I asked around the station here, and compiled a laundry list of the most annoying things people do on Facebook. You may be guilty of one or more of these!

20. Changing Their Name... Again

You know the ones that will go from Sherry Melissa Crawford to Missy "Sher" Crawford. Then tomorrow it'll be Mel Shel Craw... and next week, Melissa Iamtoosexy4u Crawford. Uh, just stop already!

19. Facebook PDA

You know, the ones that are so happily married and they want the entire world to know how much they love each other. They'll even send each other messages while sitting at home on the couch, together!

18. Sharing Profiles

We've all see it. The shared profile page between two married or dating people. So when you get a message from one, you're unsure if it's the other talking to you or not. Plus, you don't know who to wish a happy birthday when their profile pops up. Confusing = annoying.

17. Trying To Prove Their Intelligence

E=MC2, quotes, ancient proverbs... I think we all know someone that posts this stuff daily! The most annoying ones try to appear smarter than they are by posting things that they've found courtesy of Google.

16. Facebook Stalking [Trolling]

The ones always seeing what you're doing, where you're going, and trolling your page just to be nosy. Or the crazy exes of you husband's brother's cousin that stalk the current girlfriend's page - because they really have no life.

15. The Fishing-For-Compliments-Post

The people who are always on Facebook posting status updates like:

"Went to the gym, and caught this guy looking at my butt!" "Then omg, he was totally trying to tell me how pretty my eyes are!"

Yes, because their life is so hard being pretty.

14. Using #Hashtags

Just stop it! Unless their Twitter or Instagram account is linked to their Facebook, hashtags serve NO purpose on Facebook! #StopIt #WeAreOverIt #LearnHowToSocialNetwork

13. Self-Absorbed Photos

The duck face, or the side pose in the bathroom. We are over it.

12. Music Lyrics / Quotes

♪♫ We really just don't care what song you're 'feelin' right now. ♪♫

11. Preaching To The Choir

So you're gonna vote for Romney, but last week you were riding the Obama train. Either way, their lousy posts won't make you change your vote, and make them even that more annoying.

10. The Duck Face

As noted earlier, it's ugly. Stop.

9. The Bathroom Pic

As noted earlier, it's silly (even more so if they're an adult that lives with their parents) and especially if the bathroom is a mess! Clean up!

8. The Meaningless Check-Ins

Nobody cares where they are, were, or going - unless you are going with them. If that's so do you really want to be checked in for everyone to know where you are? We didn't think so.

7. Vague Posts

The post like: "Time to reconsider my precious decision. Yup."

OK, no one knows what or who they're talking about. They need to either tag that person, or tell them how they feel, not us!

6. Angry Rants

They are funny at first, then become more annoying when they don't just say what they really mean. Even more annoying when you 'LIKE' their status and your smart phone keeps alerting you to every-one's opinions on the rant.

5. Preaching To The Choir

Telling people on Facebook about how "two wrongs don't make a right" is a pathetic post. Nobody cares and they aren't going to change the world by doing so.

4. Pics Of Your Kids ... For The Million-th time

Yep. They are cute, until our news-feeds are completely engulfed with pics of their kids.

3. Changing Their Relationship Status.... Again.

One day they're single, then in a relationship, then it becomes "complicated, then back to the single life. Ugh!

2. Cyber-Fighting

If they are really pissed off at their someone on Facebook friend, they should cut through the nonsense and tell them, not everyone else.

1. Trying To Sell Stuff

Spamming, and asking people to constantly buy stuff on Facebook is the uber annoyance! Stop!


Are you guilty of at least one of these? We are guilty of a few!