Every season of 'American Idol' there are always one or two people that you never forget from the auditions, and Zoanette Johnson is one of them. Her singing aside, she just seems like one of those people you want to be around because of how outgoing and crazy she is.

Sending Keith Urban to the floor from his chair with her performance of the National Anthem (you alright there Keith?), although forgetting a few words, the "Big Crazy Barb" pulled off one of the most unforgettable 'Idol' auditions to date. Stepping, acting and singing, Zoanette brought every trick in her book to make it through to the next round. Even though her voice was enough, her performance as a whole was the most entertaining of the season so far.

Mariah was caught off guard when Zoanette put her on the spot asking if she was impressed with her. Responding with an awkward "Yes," Mariah and the gang gave her the green light to Hollywood. With Nicki saying that she's "obsessed with her," we think its safe to say that the "Big Crazy Barb" will be on 'Idol' for weeks to come. We're not mad at that at all.

Watch the "Big Crazy Barb" Sing the National Anthem