It's safe to say that Whitney Houston's song "I Will Always Love You" is one of the most covered songs of all time. The song is a difficult song to sing anyway, but the fact it has Whitney's name behind it makes anyone having to sing it nervous. While there is no one who can come close to the amazing talent that was Whitney Houston, a few come close. This cover is one that I have no doubt would bring Whitney herself to her feet if she were still with us.

A young girl in the Philippines was just wandering around the local department store with her friends when they noticed a karaoke machine display. When she started to sing, people stopped to watch instead of passing by.

Someone heard her and stopped to record it, undoubtedly knowing this girl would be a star.

As it turns out, she isn't as random of a girl as it may seem. Her name is Zendee Rose Tener, a 21-year old former 'X-Factor' (Philippines Edition) contestant. She was cut during the boot camp round. Since the video was posted just three days ago and has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube, and has shot up to over 5,000 fans on Facebook.

If only all of us sounded this good when we sang karaoke, the world would be a better place.