As spring opens up the blue skies and exposes the hot Texas sun, we start thinking about the outdoor activities our families love. The great Texas outdoors is a point of pride in the lone star state and is just one of many reasons we're proud to call ourselves Texans. You know who else is proud to be Texan? Your dog.

To me, dogs are part of the family and it's only fair to let your pup boast that Texas pride just as we all do.

I came across an article 12 Texas Dog Products That Show Your Dog Is From the Lone Star State published by, and immediately thought of my friend who talked (non-stop) about this dog driver's license she was so excited to get in the mail. They are pretty cool and probably the best way to show your dog is from Texas. It's pretty cute and you can get these for your pet in any state at Pet ID Me.

If you're not about giving out information on your dog's tag, you can simply get a Texas flag dog tag - one way or another, there should be some way for someone to reach you if your dog gets out. Plus, they're only 8 bucks on Amazon.


Maybe you have a strong loyalty to your school, which means your dog shares that pride with you. In this case, "Go Red Raiders!". $9.95 on Etsy.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Let's take it one step further... From toys to a home. The photo shown was actually built locally and displayed in front of the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center earlier this year. You can find more information by visiting them!


This one was definitely a must-add when I saw it on Wide Open Pets. A Texas-shaped dog bowl. Of course there is one! This porcelain bowl will set you back $27.99 on Amazon.


How about a dog kerchief with their name over a Texas silhouette? Sold on Etsy for 12 bones, the seller says their work is handmade and 100% cotton.

It appears the most popular Texas dog treat is the Prairie Dog Texas Sausages found at You can get them with beef or chicken - we shared beef because hey, we're Texan and love red meat. These 16-oz bags of treats will set you back $13.39 but your canine companion might thank you for it.


Here's what I love about this item. I have seen it for virtually every Texas school on Amazon, meaning it doesn't matter who your alma mater is, you can find the right rope toy for your pup if you look for it. Only $7.99 too!

Now you have zero excuses to make when someone calls out your Texas pride. If your dog is reppin' the lone star state, you've done your part as a Texas pet owner.