Bullying has been a hot topic recently. Though it has always been around, it seems that changes in our day to day life styles have increased its intensity. This young Texas boy takes a stand against his abuse in this heart breaking video. Digital advancements, increased amount of violence in school, and more "non-nuclear families" have been influencing factors to the rise in bullying for our young ones.

Bullying has forever been a part of life for a lot of people for ages. There is always something that will set a child apart from the rest. Some will be deemed as "outsiders" or "out-casts." This separation causes bullying. But, it could be any child that suffers this abuse from their peers.

Stories of children coming from "different" families being harassed are frequently reported. Children that go from organized or "normal" activities, once accepted by their class mates, are being subjected to cross words and actions simply for dropping out of the sport and changing their social status. The pretty girls are picked on by the other pretty girls. Boys on the football team are not immune to the hateful phrases. Everyone at some point will be made fun of.

Bullying seems to have evolved into an uncontrollable and intense experience for kids today. Facebook and YouTube are new outlets that bring the harassment to the internet. Texts messages send the angry and ignorant words straight to the victim's phone. The physical abuse seems to have grown with every blow of the fist. This chaotic environment is making school days a battle ground for the country's children.

This young man is different. He has a non-nuclear family. He is a bit smaller than the other kids and has a soft, sweet voice that is fuel for his abusers bullying fire.

Video games are his only release to deal with the constant bullying he faces day after day after day. Extreme physical beatings and an endless cornucopia of insults are his daily interactions with his peers. It breaks your heart to see tears well up in his kind brown eyes when he explains even his friends, outsiders themselves, have turned their backs on him. He is left alone and scared. But, he is working to change this.

We, as adults, have trouble speaking out about injustices in the world. A young boy, like this one, is stronger than us all. He is working hard to change his and other bullied children's lives.

This video is a true inspiration. Watching this will make you want to give this boy a hug and cheer him on for his fight against abuse. Be ready, you might tear up yourself.