When making decisions about home improvements, normally couples go through an expensive and stressful process. This young couple used their common "cents" to make a more creative choice for their home improvements. A penny for their thoughts? Here is how this couple got beautiful flooring and saved money with money. 

Wood, carpet, and tile are the traditional choices when deciding what to cover your floor with. But, those decor avenues are expensive and boring. So, what can you do? Tile your floors with pennies, of course.

What began as just a joke, is now flooring. Pocket change, that most just toss out, made this amazing bedroom floor.

Over 60,000 pennies, that is just 600 dollars, make for something more than just to walk on. All of the pennies were placed heads up in this home. Hopefully, this will bring the couple a little luck down the road. For now, it brings them lots of attention.

In this video, The Today Show interviews the crafty couple about their great idea.

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