My brothers and I were reminiscing about our fantastic childhood growing up black back in the 70's and 80's, and we began laughing about our best memories of family, parents, and neighborhoods back in the day. We had so much fun with this that I decided to make it a story. Even today, with us having children of our own, some of the same "rules" still apply. Enjoy!(The following is meant solely for entertainment and comedic purposes only, and not to offend anyone)

  1. You knew what "no home-training" actually means.
  2. You knew to hold your ear down while getting your hair hot combed
  3. You could always find a Jet, Ebony, Ebony, Essence somewhere around the house.
  4. You fell asleep in your mother's lap while getting your hair braided, or your scalp greased, woke up, fell back asleep, and woke up again and she still wasn't finished.
  5. Kool aid was a treat with dinner...
  6. Many of the people you grew up calling your aunty, uncle, cousin, sister, or brother have no blood relation to you at all.
  7. Your family had Sunday dinners every Sunday
  8. You've were told to stop crying before you got something to cry about.
  9. Your parents whooped your behind if you didn't clean your plate.
  10. Catfish was served at every barbecue.
  11. Your parents told you to not even THINK about asking for toys when you went into a store with them.
  12. Back-sassing/Talking back to a parent was the last thing on your mind… if you wanted to live.
  13. You knew ladies who wore big hats to church that you can't see over when sitting down.
  14. Food just had to be spicy.
  15. You got baths in the sink as a baby.
  16. As an adult, you still look over your shoulder when you know you're doin' wrong...
  17. When you saw how your white friends talked to their parents, you ducked...
  18. As an adult, your parents deny ever spanking you...
  19. You feared your friends’ parents as much as you did your own...
  20. You put hot sauce on everything including macaroni and cheese.
  21. You compulsively barbecue when the warm weather arrives...
  22. When someone makes something good to eat, you say things like "You put yo foot in this"
  23. If you hear your jam you dance no matter where you are…
  24. In college, you learned how to make a least seventy dishes with Ramen noodles.
  25. You know what cod liver oil taste like.
  26. “oohh un hun” is an appropriate response to something you don't like.
  27. You know what it meant to be told to go get a "switch." And you bet not bring back a sheisty one.
  28. Sucking your teeth or rolling your eyes in front of adults would get you killed
  29. You know the difference between "good hair and bad hair"
  30. When James Evans (the father from Good Times) died you actually grieved
  31. Your momma told you to put Vaseline on your legs because "it's just like lotion".
  32. Dessert choices were sweet potato pie or pound cake.
  33. Your momma's momma was "Big Mama" and Your dad's momma was "Muh Dea"
  34. You pronounce AUNT like UNTEE, not ANT
  35. You could buy frozen kool-aid pops, Faygo sodas, and pickles from the back door of an old lady in your neighborhood
  36. You compulsively search your room for loose change when you heard the ice cream truck coming
  37. You were told to "stay out of grown-folks business"
  38. After every function that contained food, the elders would make you "fix yourself a plate" to go
  39. You know what Blue Magic is
  40. You mama always told you that "You gonna reap what you sow"

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