Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. Want to have a great and successful one? Here are a handful of things to completely avoid to make sure your Thanksgiving goes without a hitch. 

The holidays are always a stressful time.

Too many people, too much money being spent, and it is darn cold outside. All of this makes everyone a little cranky. People being a little short of temper means we all need to try our hardest to be on our best behavior and avoid any chance on confrontation.

Here are five things that can get you through Thanksgiving without causing a scene or any grief.

1. No Important Announcements


I know it may sound great to make that big announcement you have been sitting on when the entire family is gathered around that turkey dinner, but it is not.

This is not the perfect time to begin your holidays with news.

There are a lot of happy announcements, but they can be taken in a bad light. People being so cranky during these stressful holiday months can lead to the unwanted reaction.

It is definitely not the time to make an announcement like, "I am failing out of college." Or even, "I think I am going to quit my job and go on a soul searching trip."

Leave the announcements until after Christmas. Let everyone get a great start to the winter times. Not many of us will see our families after New Years, you can wait until then.

2. Bring That One Thing Up


As we were just discussing, this is not the time to add to the holiday stress.

If you know there is that one topic that can really get your family arguing, leave it alone for Thanksgiving. Why be that jerk that ruined turkey day with a little comment or observation.

Don't let crazy Uncle Gary's wild political beliefs excite you enough to push that family fight button.

Let things slide. Have an opinion? Keep it until after dinner at least.

3. Get Too Drunk


Though someone might have brought up that one touchy topic and now your whole family is in a very loud shouting match, you are not allowed to drink too much.

The Thanksgiving season is a time for a lot of people to lose all control and let that early egg nog really slide down the hatch. But, don't fall for this trap.

1. Be safe. No one wants to lose a loved one in a drunk driving or other alcohol related accidents.
2. You will look dumb and everyone will bring it up forever numbers of Thanksgivings there after.
3. You will wake up in your hotel room or family members house with a hangover the next morning.
4. You will be too tempted to try and reconnect with your ex during this time of year and under the influence.

Leave the football beers to a limited number. Let the thanksgiving dinner wine be a mere one or two glasses. And for goodness sake, don't go to a depressing bar Thanksgiving night.

4. Bring Your New "Lover" to Dinner


There are two big reasons why Thanksgiving is not the best time to bring that new girlfriend or boyfriend on to the scene.

1. That is too much on the new relationship. The trip, the stress of meeting not just your parents but your entire family, and one of your first weekends away to be in your old bedroom in your parents house.

2. No one cares. Yes, everyone wants to meet your new fling, but they don't want them to be in your family pictures forever. Can you imagine how it will be when your family gets together 10 years down the line, and you are too embarrassed to admit you can't even remember what so and so's name was anymore. Let this time be for close friends and family.

Unless you have been dating for a good while now, let the introduction of your new lover be for another time.

5. Skip Pie

mootown, Flickr

The sweet, sweet goodness of pie. Yummmm.

This is something that you must not ever do. Do not, ever, skip pie.

Half of the whole reason for Thanksgiving is the pies. Chocolate cream, pumpkin, pecan, and every other sugary delight that man has created from a little bit of heaven.

You and that diet were not working out anyway. Plus, you just ate all that other Thanksgiving food.

There you go, folks.

Have a great Thanksgiving and follow these rules to make sure of that.