Confession: I thought I spoke using made up words on a regular basis, turns out I was wrong. And chances are, so are you.

Think about all the things you say in an average day. How often do you say a word that you thought was made up? It's probably pretty frequent if your vocabulary is anything like mine, but it turns out that a lot of those words are now in dictionaries. Crazy isn't it?

This revelation was a ginormous life-changer for me, I'm not even kidding. I use words all the time that I had no idea were valid in the English language - fantabulous news right?

And in highly important news for Harry Potter fans, you may now officially insult people by calling them a muggle. Yes, it might backfire since more than likely you are also a muggle, but that's a risk you will have to value on your own.

Also, be cautious when describing a grrrl as bootylicious, because those are now real words too. And grrrls are known to be aggressive and independent, so watch out there.

And since the meatspace (the physical world as opposed to the virtual world) is full of foods that contain genetically-modified ingredients, there's a new word for them too - frankenfoods.

The disappointing news about all of this is that all of those fun words that didn't seem real, actually are - and that almost takes the fun out of using them...almost.