Fair warning: If you do something illegal and it doesn’t work out, don’t call the police for help. Prime example: this woman.

Suzanne Basham, 47, of Springfield, Mo., called police to report a theft of $40 — by her drug dealer who gave her sugar instead of the crack cocaine she was after.

According to the Springfield Police Department report, found here, Basham wanted the cops to recover her $40 and then arrest the sugar dealer for theft. Police went to the place she directed them, but the inhabitants denied selling drugs and would not let the cops inside the home.

Who ended up in trouble? You guessed it. We can't make this stuff up.

Police found Basham in possession of a crack pipe, so they cited her for having drug paraphernalia. She is shown in a mugshot from 2010 after being arrested for drug possession.

I thought sugar highs were supposed to be the best?