Wiz Khalifa may have "cool pants" but in his latest video "Zoney" he's showing off another prized possession -- his son, Sebastian.

In the first half of the video, Khalifa lights up a joint as he raps on a balcony about his come-up. From sharing cars with his friends and working in the studio to partying it up in clubs, Khalifa has been on one helluva ride. He also rhymes about his relationship with his own father.

"I remember spending summers in the studio / My pops told me have fun be a kid for once / What he ain’t know, was for a kid a that I had big dreams / I take a small frame turn it into a big screen / Taking best friends turn them to a good team / I’m watching Scarface living all the good scenes," he raps.

Afterwards, the Dan Folger and Seth Gronquist-co-directed video takes a turn as the adorable father-son duo hang out at the three-year-old's birthday party. As the scenes of the two playing around are shown, Wiz is overheard giving his son some sayings to repeat.

"Hello, my name is Sebastian," he says and then later adds "I love you Daddy." But afterwards it gets hilarious as Khalifa asks him to repeat phrases like "Yo," "What up" and "What's cracking?" The youngin' even gives a shout out to Taylor Gang.

However, the two can't always be together to laugh and play. As Khalifa sings in the hook,  “I'm packing up my bags /  I gotta catch a plane / I can’t be at home…gotta be away.”

Khalifa is set to co-headline the annual 420 Rally in Denver alongside Lil Wayne in Civic Center Park on April 16.

Check out his latest video above.