Women send out signals all the time, letting guys know if she's interested in you or not.

Unfortunately, these signals are often not so clear. (If only there were a blinking red or green light to guide the way ... Trust me guys women wish there was a red or green light indicating what you thoughts were.)

A rundown of some signs, signals and body language to look for when trying to meet women after the jump.

* Smile -- You don't have to wait for a smile to approach, but if you see one, you should definitely make a move. (Don't chicken out)

* The Hair Twirl -- The girly habit of playing with her hair means that a woman is open to your advances. (So hate it when I see grown women who go "high school" -- please ladies grow a set)

* A Cry For Help -- If a woman asks you for assistance in any way, she could be just trying to get your attention. Be alert for this sneaky signal. (You know.. damsel in distress be her knight in shining armor)

* Happy Feet -- Sociologists have observed that where a person positions their feet is where their interest is. So, if you see a woman twisting her upper body away, but keeping her feet in your direction, she may be playing hard to get. (Ok.. NEXT time I am out I am SO watching for this body language)

* Fidgeting -- Fidgeting shows that a woman is nervous, which is an indication that she's into you. (Yep..this one is so true -- hate it when I can't stop my hands from moving--slap self on forehead)

* Proximity -- If a woman stays inside a safe distance, then she's probably interested in you. If she backs off, you should too. (Yeah.. don't go creeper, ok -- it's really awkward!)

Source: WingGirlMethod.com

* Do you think it's fun and enchanting that women send subtle signals to you? Or ... Does this drive you crazy? Why?

* How often do you accurately interpret what's going on? Do you often guess right? Or ... Are you a master of crashing and burning? What do you need to learn in order to turn this thing around?