Will Smith is set to host the 2012 Nickeloden Kids’ Choice Awards, and the network is already amping up the excitement with promo ads for the event, one of which features rapper Nicki Minaj.

In this clip, Smith gets a “threatening” phone call from a creepy voice saying that he is going to ensure that Smith fails as host of this major youth event. Gasp! The horror! That’s when Minaj enters the picture, er, iPhone. She appears on Smith’s iPhone, like a modernized Oracle from ‘The Matrix.’

Minaj has Smith teleport to the Kids’ Choice headquarters through a hole in the floor, and he jokes that he thinks he is in one of the ‘Super Bass’ rapper’s videos. The master plan is to help him become the best host ever. Noble goals, right?

Minaj and some of the kids give him instructions on how to succeed in his gig as host. How could Smith possibly fail in this mission, with Minaj having his back?

The show airs Saturday, March 31. Tune in to see if Will Smith is the best Kids’ Choice Awards host ever. PopCrush has full faith and confidence in his abilities.

Watch Will Smith + Nicki Minaj Kids’ Choice Awards Promo

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