The Food Truck drama continues in the City of Tyler. Tonight the public is invited to attend a meeting between city and public health representatives at 5 pm at the Tyler Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, The City of Tyler is frustrated with the current 'building and construction requirements' required for food trucks.

“My point, and my point directly, is Northeast Texas (health department) should be worried about the quality of the food, not the quality of construction,” Mayor Martin Heines said to a group of 17 health department employees following a Tuesday City Council meeting. “There are certain buildings in town that are shacks and are providing food to the public. Your job at the Northeast Texas Public Health District is to make sure that food is healthy to eat.” - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News
Curious about the Mobile Food Permitting process? The information can be found on NET Health's website,, under services, and environmental health.

Tyler Food Truck Park owners have appealed for the public to attend and learn more about the situation on their Facebook Page: