The cold of winter is here. Before we know it, all that winter brings will be here. The freezing grey days are headed right for us. There is no escaping the horror that is upon us. 

Winter. Oh, winter. What a disastrous time of year. We are all tricked into thinking that it will be great because of our extremely hot summers. Once the cooler weather of fall hits, we are all hooked on the idea.

"It is going to be great," we say. "I can't wait to put on my boots, coat, and scarves," all of us proclaim. Pinterest, Facebook, and the rest of the internet screams out with joy about how great this is going to be. Everywhere you look everything is excited for this frosty and miserable time, because we are under the false perception that things will be grand and winter wonderlandy.


What were we thinking?

It is not like any of these things.

Winter is an offense that cannot be made up for by hot chocolates, warm soups, and crackling fires.

Winter is creeping in faster than we can prepare for it. Which means, we aren't ready for the terrible shakes and colds we are about to experience.

Have you not noticed the increased number of sick people? Are you really that comfortable outside right now? It isn't even as cold as it is going to get. So, let's call this out for what it is. Here are the top reasons that winter is just horrible. Maybe if we identify the problem, we can all collectively make a petition to have winter vetoed this year.

1. Getting Out of Your Warm Bed 


The mornings are always the worst. The dark of night made the world around your slumbering self a frigid ice box just waiting for your warm blanket wrapped body to have to wake up.

Getting out of bed in the morning should be an award winning activity. The fact that I did not reject the world and stay within the safety and comfort of my bed while everything outside of those confines is too terribly cold should earn me another pay check in and of itself.

2. Cold Bathrooms


If you do manage to get out of bed, you have a large battle to fight.

The cold, cold everything of the bathroom. The floor is freezing, the toilet seat is uncomfortable, and let's not even speak of the pain and torture of leaving the hot shower into the icy atmosphere.

Nothing will make men out of boys and women out of girls than bathrooms during the dead of winter.

3. Getting Sick


It is going to happen, if it hasn't already. We are all going to get sick in some sort of fashion.

Horrible allergies, a cold, or the dreaded flu; we will all end up ill and feeling the full weight of it.

The cold weather does not help. What other torturous thing could you do to a sick person than make them visit the doctor and drug store when it is below 50 degrees outside?

4. No Sunlight


Though we once were all normal people during the summer time, we are more like vampires or hibernating bears now.

With the lack of sunlight, we all start to get a bit more pale and mean. We need the sunshine to keep our spirits up during these low temperatures, but NOOO. Winter can't let us have any fun.

There will be days we wake up after weeks of bone chilling cold and rainy days that we may become convinced no good can ever come back into the world. All because winter won't let the sun out to play. Come on, winter!

6. Money, Money, Money


As if things couldn't get any worse, we all become broke during the winter months.

Gas and electricity bills start to shoot up like rockets. Traveling costs for  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Buying presents. Buying those replacement gloves, because you definitely lost those that you had last year. And, the grocery bill from eating away your seasonal depression that you will just claim is you storing energy sources up for the cold.

All of these costs start to add up, making this a very expensive time of year.


So, there will all will be. Broke, cold, sick, angry, and forced out of our warm beds. All thanks to winter.

I know it all won't be so bad. We will get through this difficult time and see the greatness of summertime again. For now, let us all gather around the bonfire and tell stories of the days of warmth. We can collectively decide that we are not fans of winter and wish for it to be skipped this year.