This has been a sad week for America. Two people lost their life because two police officers were completely out of line and 4 Dallas Police officers and one DART officer shot dead because one man was fed up.

Now, I am sure I will probably get some backlash for that last line. I can hear it now, "You just said he was fed up as if he was right in what he did". Well, that is not my belief. In my opinion, all of the murders that were involved are wrong. They all need to be prosecuted to the fullest, with the exception of the one who is dead. He can't be prosecuted for that one reason, however, I am sure some of you did not like how the narrative was shifted.

At what point does America come together when an injustice is done to any person? I wrote an article yesterday asking the question "Why does my blackness scare you?" Some of my friends were open to have a real discussion and some questions were answered, some myths put to rest and it was an easy, respectful conversation. On the other hand, I got some private messages from others explaining to me the steps black people need to take to prevent altercations with police, the things black people need to change to fit into society, and then there were those who wanted to show their support, however...privately.

Earlier, I posted to Facebook to please stop sending me information of how black people should conduct themselves when dealing with police officers. At this point, that is an insult to continually tell us how to conduct ourselves with officers. I have NEVER had a problem with a police officer when approached by one. So again, it is not the police that is the problem. The problem is when the police department is made aware of a bad apple in the bunch and they chose to do nothing about it. The justice that we are asking for is that action be taken when these situations occur.

In America, when one black person does something wrong, all black people are to blame. If a white person does something wrong, then the individual is to blame and it is because they have a mental imbalance and we should show some mercy.

Don't take this the wrong way because I don't believe that all white people think the same. We know that is not true, because there have been some white people who have stood up, not for just black people, but just for what is right concerning humanity. Dale Hansen does a wonderful job of that in the clip below.

Again, I challenge ALL people to exercise more love and compassion for one another. Put yourself in the other person's shoes for a minute. How do you really want our country to function?