Talking with a friend of mine the other day, she kept talking about all the crickets that cover the corners of her porch and get in her house. It was driving her crazy.

I'm sure many of you have been invaded by the black jumpers. But why the invasion?

The simple answer: it is their breeding season. Also, even with the cooler tempertures, it's still warm and hasn't been dry with all the rain we've had this year, perfect conditions for these insects.

David Arias, warehouse manager at Red River Specialties, who handle pest control, told KETK, "We're seeing them right now early fall, because the temperature is still warmer, we still have some pretty good soil moisture. Once the temperatures drop a little bit more, they'll go away."

They are annoying but won't do any harm. However, spiders or lizards, could show up because they are a food source for them.

So what are some ways to lessen the annoyance of crickets?

I found a website,, that offered some tips.

  • Pets - Cats or dogs could hunt them down if they get in your house.
  • Rodent Glue Traps - Place them in an outside corner to catch them as they land on the trap.
  • Plants - Crickets hate certain plants like garlic, cloves or sweet peas.
  • Soap - Mix water and soap in a spray bottle. The suds will get under the crickets shells and kill them.
  • Clean Home - Keep the trash can covered. The smell of garbage can attract crickets. Keep the outside of your home debris free. The pests love to hide under leaf piles or wood piles.

Check out more suggestions to slow this insect invasion at