In East Texas, we are fortunate to have unknown super heroes among us daily.  I’m speaking of those Real Working Women of East Texas who wake up every morning, throw on that invisible cape, tackle mommy duties, & dash out the door in hot pursuit of their own goals and aspirations.

Real Working Women of East Texas are positive, career-driven women who successfully juggle a job and family while making a difference in the community. Every Tuesday at 10:40 inside the Hot Cafe with Keeta King, we will highlight a Real Working Woman of East Texas.

So let's pat ourselves on the back, ladies! If you are a Real Working Woman of East Texas and/or you know of one, we want to let all of East Texas know it. Let us hear from you. Nominate someone with a photo and a description using the form below.

Real Working Women Of East Texas

Know a hard-working woman who's an unsung hero to the community? Nominate them here so they can be recognized!
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