You've seen Target's hilarious thirty second commercials on television and probably wondered to yourself -- "Who is the crazy Target lady?" -- Or maybe not, but we did. So we did some research and found out that there is so much more to the crazy Target lady than meets the eye!Her name is Maria Bamford, a stand-up comedian and actress from Los Angeles, California. Born on a naval base in California, Maria is the daughter of a physician, and has one sister. The 41 year old actress, who has had much commercial success has also voiced numerous cartoon characters, but is best known for her stand-up comedy routine poking fun at dysfunctional family and depression.

Sadly, like many comedians, Maria suffers from depression and had a mental breakdown back in 2006. Fortunately, she is better and doing extremely well. Maria Bamford is also a noted actress that has been in several movies as well. Maria and her pug reside currently in California.