This is a sad time for the Houston and Brown families with the loss of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's only child, Bobbi Kristina.

But people want to know, what happens to all of the money? From the grave, Whitney is still in control of her money.

So here's the breakdown: Bobbi Kristina inherited $20 million with a lot of strings attached. At 21, Bobbi was given one-tenth of the $20 million, which is $2 million. Then at age 25, she was scheduled to get another $3 million.

Since Bobbi passed the fortune will now be divided by Whitney's mother Cissy and her two brothers, Michael and Gary.

Whitney's will also included Bobby Brown, but as her husband. Since he is no longer her husband, the state of New Jersey says he gets nothing because he is not and was not her husband at the time of her death.